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Pure Biologix CBD Consumer Products

We produce a wide range Tinctures, Supplements, Pet Medz, Topicals, Vaporization and DIY Concentrate Products

Pet Medz Products

Formulated specifically for maximum effectiveness in animals backed by research, Pure Biologix Pet Medz products come in 500mg potency, for smaller pets such as cats, or small breed dogs, and 1000mg for larger breeds.  Available in delicious fish or bacon flavors that your pet will love.

Tinctures and Supplements

White labelled for other brands for years, we are proud to bring the Pure Biologix brand directly to you now! Our special formulation is truly different from most others, it is Special! Delivering the full matrix of Cannabis Terpenes, themselves globally renowned for producing many impactful homeopathic benefits.

Topically Applied Solutions

At Pure Biologix we pride ourselves on producing only high quality and high potency products, specifically formulated to do the job, without using complex and potentially harmful chemicals.

Our customers report using our specially formulated Topicals for a myriad of purposes such as muscle soreness, joint pain, sports injury recovery, skin maladies, and more.

Crafted using our proprietary Extraction, Formulation, and Terpene Imaging processes, Pure produces leading Vaporization solutions for both the Hemp and Marijuana industries.

Producing Vape Juices and  super high potency CBD and Delta8/D8 vaporization cartridges we make many well known industry “flavors” or cannabis strains like Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue/GG4, Skywalker OG, Lemon Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and many more, as examples


DIY Concentrates CBD, CBG, CBN

Our Ultra-Pure Isolates of are highly concentrated forms of CBD Cannabidiol, CBG Cannabigerol, CBN Cannbiniol at 99%+ concentration.

Produced for and utilized by our business customers for years in making their consumer products, we are proud to bring to the DIY’er Consumer packaged quantities of our Pure Biologix Ultra-Pure Isolates directly to you!

The latest exciting introduction to our line of high quality Pure Biologix branded products, Edible CBD, CBG, and Delta-8 THC “D8” are now available.  Great taste with an eye on Purity and Performance, our edibles are carefully formulated to deliver results.

Items that appear are in stock at the moment, others will reappear in our CBD Webstore as inventory becomes available for immediate shipment. 

Purity Counts

Proprietary Clean CBD Extraction Process

Our focus on Purity starts with raw materials, whether it is products coming from farms or products used in the extraction and post process production.

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