Activated Sport Stick | Arnica Injury Balm | 1000mg | Cooling Menthol

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Begin your recovery with this soothing Hemp Topical balm in an easy-to-use stick applicator.  Our proprietary Hemp blend was specially formulated for quick absorption and relief.  This balm is activated with a cooling menthol for quick relief.

Begin your Injury Recovery with this soothing 1,000mg CBD Topical Balm loaded with Therapeutic Essential Oils such as Arnica, in an easy-to-use “deodorant style” twist-up stick.  The easy to apply and compact twist-up applicator, makes for easy of application and carrying convenience in your gym bag, backpack, briefcase, or purse.  Our proprietary EO CBD blend is Specially Formulated with Soothing Cooling Menthol further boosting its Quick Absorption and Pain Relieving benefits.  Our balms are crafted with Pure locally sourced hemp, and independent lab tested for potency and purity.

Size: 2oz / 60ml

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Meets lawful THC limits of less than 0.3% THC.

Activated Soothing Cooling Menthol

Easy to use and convenient to carry “twist-up” sports stick

Weight 3.7 oz

2 oz / 60 ml

10 reviews for Activated Sport Stick | Arnica Injury Balm | 1000mg | Cooling Menthol

  1. Coleen R

    I have been using this on my sore shoulders, pain has gone away, it’s easy to apply and stays on. Now my husband has taken my stick and I’m going to have to buy another one for my self.

  2. Mary l

    Love this stick! helps with the pain in my elbow. Have visitors from out of town and they all started using it. great stuff

  3. Jeff L

    I have been using other CBD salves without much success. A friend had me try this stick and wow!, it really worked. at 1000mg it is really backed with good CBD.

  4. Marie

    Use this on my back. I have been in 3 car accidents in the last 20 years and have back pain everyday. No more stiffness in the morning. My friend told me to use this on my lower back and it has changed my life! So easy to use and I have one in my purse at all times!

  5. Gina

    This stick is a terrific multi-use product. I use it for pain relief on my knees, back, feet, joints, and muscles. It even helps with my migraine headaches!

  6. Tony Weil

    I’ve been using this for my back pain and it works really well on eliminating pain. I really like the cooling menthol after working out.

  7. Sue J

    This is great for arthritis pain in my knee. Love the easy application with the Sports Stick along with the Cooling Menthol aroma.

  8. Peter Clark

    This is my absolute favorite product they carry. I work a manual labor job and workout so I often find myself sore or injure myself on the job. This takes the pain away and works extremely fast. I let both of my bosses use it for their shoulder pain, knee pain, and lower disc issue. They ended up buying their own because it worked so well. My work friends often nab it out of my bag for themselves, a good thing it lasts a while!

  9. lauren b

    The only thing I use before working out and on pulled muscles! An absolute life changer for pain relief

  10. Jan Brocci

    I love the CBD Sports Stick. I started using it for my lower back when I strained it doing too much heavy work in the yard, and it really soothed it. I also use the CBD Calming Salve for my back, but it’s not as convenient to carry around and apply. My favorite use of the stick is for camping and hiking. I keep one in my pack so I can stop and run it over my calves or knees when they begin to feel achy or tight. Then I do a few stretches and head on my way. My fellow hikers enjoy it too. In the tent at night, I just run the stick across my lower back to ease impact strain and help me drift off to sleep. So convenient and effective!

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