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Harvest CBD Concentrate

extracted from hemp bio-mass grown in the U.S.A

Working Closely with Select US Farmers

We extract a special highly concentrated Harvest oil that is Ultra-Pure and third party tested to ensure that our customers are receiving high quality oil (free from pesticides, heavy metals, molds and fungus).

We call our special clean extraction Harvest Concentrate, as we extract fresh clean flower biomass into a highly concentrated and solvent free clean oil.

Since we do not expose the material to high heats, our extractions are commonly very rich in the acid fresh form of the cannabinoids.  In the cannabis plant, all cannabioids naturally exist in their active acid form, such as Cannabidolic Acid or CBDA; this is their freshest state, un-decayed and not yet oxidized.

This is a difficult to achieve extract as most extraction techniques require solvents and a good deal of heat.  This causes oxidation and destroys other valued therapeutic elements of the plant, such as Terpenes.  Pure Biologix’s proprietary super cold extraction process, provides customers and researchers the ability to work with concentrated forms of plant material in their most natural state.


We are a Michigan based specialty processor and master formulators, producing a range of CBD products with a focus on Purity. We believe that if you want to create the best products available, excellence must be a priority at every step in the process.

Purity Counts

Pure Extracts to Suit Your Needs

Our crude is extracted from hemp biomass grown in the U.S.A.  It is derived from hemp that is farm bill compliant, containing less than 0.3% THC.  Pure Biologix products are the pinnacle of CBD quality which enable our customers to buy wholesale CBD products straight from the manufacturer. They are then able to make a variety of end-products.