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Vape Juices & Cartridge Filling

we Formulate the Highest Potency Vape products

CBD Vaporization Juices Vape Cart Filling & Packaging

Pure Biologix is founded on its commitment to Purity in its products!

PURE Biologix develops customized Vaporization Juices formulated with a wide variety of strain specific biomass derived Terpene's to our customers preference.

Additionally, we batch to specific recipe’s provided by our customers, holding that information confidential to that customer.  A wide array of cartridges are supported including 500mg and 1 gram sizes.

If a turnkey solution is what you seek, PURE is proud to offer a wide array of Vape Pens, and/or cartridges, all certified heavy metal complaint, sourced from our partner suppliers. 

Our vaporization juices and cartridges are all tested against the most stringent marijuana purity standards by accredited ISO17025 certified 3rd party laboratories, passing heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents and other contamination standards.

Our customers have come to rely on Pure for their specially formulated Terpene mixes for the use in their vaporization products, both in the Hemp CBD industry but also in the larger market of Marijuana D9-THC / Delta-9 THC based products.

Our Artisan Terpene proprietary formulation and imaging processes result in Terpene pre-mixes for our customers that taste and smell like specific strains of biomass flower.  Examples of popular industry strains imaged are Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue/GG4, Skywalker OG, Lemon Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and many more.

Terpene sauces extracted from certified clean fresh biomass is the key – extracted under super cold temperatures, without the use of heat or damaging solvents.

Highest Potency in the industry over 70% cannabinoids and will not crystalize. That is over 700mg’s in a 1 gram cartridge!

We never use carrier fluids in our carts- just 100% Pure Hemp plant. Sadly, many vape products on the market today contain VG, PG, EG, Squalene, and before being banned Vitamin-E, vegetable oils and such which risks lipid pneumonia or other health risks for its users.

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Purity Counts

The turnkey solution is what you need!