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Our Ultra-Pure Isolates of are highly concentrated forms of CBD Cannabidiol, CBDa Cannabidiolic acid, CBG Cannabigerol, CBN Cannbiniol, CBDV Cannabidivarin at 99%+ concentration.

They are 3rd party certified for High Potency and Residual Solvents cleanliness, and our specialized production processes remove any pesky pesticides, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful contaminants - at nearly 100% Isolated potentially there is no room for anything else.

Produced for and utilized by our business customers for years in making their consumer products, we are proud to bring to the DIY’er Consumer packaged quantities of our Pure Biologix Ultra-Pure Isolates directly to you!

Our Shopping Marketplace is based on availability, but generally we try to keep pre-packaged stock quantities 1g, 5g, and 10gram packages of CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBDV, CBN, and plan to introduce other cannabinoid Isolates as the industry and research continues to evolve and support its background and potential benefits.

Formulating and Infusing your own products, DIY style, made easy! We have received so many calls for these products we are now making available small quantities via our Webstore.

Pure Biologix DIY CBD CBG Isolates

CBDA more Powerful than CBD

Correct! Research has shown CBDA or Cannabidiolic Acid is more Bio-Actively impactful than its oxidized form CBD Cannabidiol.  Indeed, CBDA has unique properties…


In recent years, researchers noticed that CBDA had a very similar structure to commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This class of drugs includes everyday painkillers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. They found that CBDA inhibits COX-2, the same body chemical that is inhibited by NSAIDs.

CBDA like CBD is used to treat nausea and anxiety. In fact, CBDA is more effective; more than a thousand times more effective than CBD in activating a serotonin receptor that reduces nausea and anxiety. It has shown to be more effective in chemotherapy patients who are using ondansetron to treat nausea.

CBDA acts by inhibiting COX-2 activity, it has an indirect effect. It also acts on 5-HT receptors, which influences serotonin production. Serotonin production is essential to overall health, including reduced anxiety and general well-being.

Subject to availability, we endeavor to make available small DIY’er type quantities in our store, but making contact with us is the best way to see about various options such as larger quantities and strains that may be available.

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At Pure Biologix we strongly believe in the value of using Licensed and ISO accredited 3rd party Laboratories to certify our Products