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Ultra-Pure CBG Cannabigerol Isolate

99%+ Pure CBG tested free of any contaminants

CBG Cannabigerol Isolate

Our Ultra-Pure CBG Cannabigerol Isolate is highly concentrated at 99%+ CBG, tested clean of pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents and other potential harmful contaminants.

CBG is often referred to as the "Mother of all cannabinoids" given the other cannabinoids like often discussed CBD and THC are created from CBG naturally as the plant matures and grows.

Pure Biologix offers a highly refined and concentrated CBG Cannabigerol in a fine white powder Isolate concentrated form. Our CBG Isolate is so refined and fine grained that it dissolves quickly during formulation, and given it is so concentrated, it makes calculating the amount to use in your products a breeze.

Manufactured from Hemp Biomass and put through our precision refinement and Isolation processes, CBG concentrate is refined step-by-step until it is nearly 100% concentrated.  The product is available for sale in quantities ranging from 1gram DIY Consumer type quantities in our Webstore to bulk multi-kilogram orders. 

Purity Counts

Pure Sweet Crude CBD Oil

Our crude is extracted from hemp bio-mass grown in the U.S.A.  It is derived from hemp that is farm bill compliant, containing less than 0.3% THC.  Pure Biologix products are the pinnacle of CBD quality which enable our customers to buy wholesale CBD products straight from the manufacturer. They are then able to make a variety of end-products.