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Pure Biologix Concentrates

We produce a wide range of Hemp Derived Concentrates with a focus on Purity

Artisan CBDA Concentrate

Pure Biologix’s is one of very few laboratories able to produce highly concentrated CBDA extracts.  Our Artisan grade CBDA concentrate contains the complete Terpene profile of the plant in a viscous oil of highly concentrated CBDA.

Harvest CBD Concentrate

We extract high-quality crude oil that is ultra-Pure and always tested to ensure that our customers are receiving high quality oil (free from pesticides, heavy metals, molds and fungus).

Isolates of CBD, CBN, CBG

At Pure we recognize the importance of having Ultra-Pure forms of Isolated cannabinoids to formulate with.  That is why we produce Isolates over 99% ultra-Pure

CBD Distillate

CBD distillate oil typically contains about 80-85% CBD, with the remaining balance coming from other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant extracts. Distillate is a golden, viscous liquid, becoming clearer as purity increases.

Purity Counts

Proprietary Clean CBD Extraction Process

Our focus on Purity starts with raw materials, whether it is products coming from farms or products used in the extraction and post process production.

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