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Pure Biologix Services

We produce a range of Hemp Based products with a focus on Purity

At Pure Biologix we utilize a proprietary CO2 extraction process. We understand that the equipment needed to produce CBD or CBG concentrates can be quite costly. Which is why we offer our customers a state-of-the-art facility to produce high-quality oil concentrates.

At Pure Biologix we bring our science to your products, formulating specialty products for you.  Not stopping there, we offer a turn-key service that includes packaging, labelling, filling, and finishing your private branded product (aka white label) complete with safety seals making ready for sale.

Pure Biologix formulates challenging to make oil mixes designed for use in Vaporization products.  Unique to our proprietary process, we formulate the most concentrated Vape Juices available, over 70% cannabinoids without it crystalizing!

 Our vaporization product solutions are made with a wide variety of Terpene from many cannabis strains, made to our customers preference.

In addition, we batch formulate to specific recipe’s provided by our customers.

Pure Biologix offers Custom Blends of CBDA, CBD, CBG, CBN, other Cannabinoids and Terpenes, in addition to bulk prepared water solubilized, premix Tincture, and several other products to power your End Use products.

Toll processing is the simple process where you pay to have your Biomass turned into Oil Concentrate, such as CBD, CBDA or CBG oil.

In addition, we also offer post extraction services; for example converting your CBD concentrate into CBD Isolate.

Then you can sell the extract, or use it in the manufacture of your own Hemp based products.

Purity Counts

Proprietary Clean CBD Extraction Process

Our focus on Purity starts with raw materials, whether it is products coming from farms or products used in the extraction and post process production.