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Pure Biologix Lab Testing

comprehensive analyses in our In-House Lab

In-House Lab + 3rd Party Labs

Pure Biologix uses pre-qualified licensed and ISO approved 3rd Party Testing Laboratories in addition to inhouse analytics.  This allows us to look inside our product and perform comprehensive analyses of the Potency and Compostion of our materials and formulations.  In addition, we screen for Pesticides, Heavy Metals and other contaminants to ensure our Products are PURE!

Raw Material Testing

We test hemp plants brought in from farmers to determine that we are starting with quality biomass. Testing the plants before and throughout the process means there is no guess work. The finished CBD product we process is exactly what was expected – raw material testing ensures consistency in the quality of our product with every batch.

In Process Testing

Throughout the process of extracting CBD from industrial hemp, we use production samples to ensure that the product meets specifications. This testing is routinely performed to ensure purity, efficacy, and concentration.

Finished Product Testing

The integrity of our product is of utmost importance to us. This is why we believe it is imperative to test purity. In addition to verifying cannabinoid concentration, we ensure our oil contains the appropriate levels of terpenes and a full spectrum of cannabinoids. We also work closely with third-party labs to make sure our test results are consistent with their analysis.

Purity Counts

Proprietary Clean CBD Extraction Process

Our focus on Purity starts with raw materials, whether it is products coming from farms or products used in the extraction and post process production.