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Toll Processing Services

processing to harvest CBD cBG, full spectrum distillate, and isolate Concentrates

Pure Biologix Tolling Services

Additionally, your Harvest Concentrate can be utilized in formulations for packaged products, or further Toll refined into CBD Isolate Concentrate.

Then you can sell the concentrate, or manufacture into CBD products. Many business prefer this method as they are protecting proprietary recipes or just wanting to preserve their hemp from the natural deterioration of the product that occurs with aging biomass.  

We can process to Harvest CBD concentrate, full spectrum distillate, or isolate

processing to CBD crude oil, full spectrum distillate, or isolate

Use the contact form or call us, and we will follow up with the rest

You arrange the delivery of your shucked biomass in plastic sealed barrels to our facility.

Let us do what we do best, and you will have your CBD oil before you know it!

Why use Pure Biologix as your Processor?


Your harvest is protected in our secure temperature-controlled facility in Southeast Michigan. Save time and money when you partner with a local extractor.


You want to make sure that the oil you sell is the best for your customers, and so do we. We have partnered with the best equipment manufacturers to achieve highly efficient extractions and large-scale THC removal methodologies.


Want to process your biomass with an extractor that keeps you completely in the loop and operates above board?

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