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Pet Medz Products

Specially Formulated Products
for our Furry Friends

Pet Medz Treats & Tinctures

Can the Cannabinoids and Terpenes found in Hemp be formulated to help my furry family member improve their quality of life?
The answer is Yes, it can!  But do not take our word for it; Scientific research and studies completed by some of our premier Veterinary institutions such as Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, Colorado State University and University of Florida have shown.

The Hemp cannabis plant is a terrific source of the many Cannabinoids and hundreds of beneficial Terpenes as well. Each of these key components have powerful beneficial effects within the body. The Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system found in humans and animals. CBD or Cannabidiol is likely familiar to you and is being used more and more for people and pets with for calming, anxiety relief, mood stabilization, and inflammation related issues such as arthritis in hips & joints.

Cannabinoids stimulate the endocannabinoid systems within the body, with many results, including signaling to the body to make more. Hence, studies have shown effectiveness grows with ongoing repeated use.

CBDA or Cannabidiol Acid, derived from fresh hemp is a game changer in terms of its impact on inhibiting COX-2 (like NSAIDs do), and increasing serotonin production by acting on the 5-HT receptors.

Pure Biologix Pet Medz are Veterinarian developed & specially formulated to include a large amount of CBDA!

But we do not stop there. In addition, the Hemp plants Terpenes have tremendous therapeutic properties, and when formulated together with the plants powerful Cannabinoids like CBDA, CBD, minor ones like CBN, CBG, CBC and others the synergistic impact is phenomenal within the body. Our Pet Medz products are truly “full spectrum”.

Our customers report using our Veterinarian developed All Natural Treats and Tinctures for a myriad of purposes such as Stress Calming, Anxiety Relief, Mood Stabilization, and Pain due to inflammation caused by arthritis or injury, particularly in the Hips and Joints.

NEW! Simple Human Grade Ingredient Pet Chews

Our customers wished to have our clinically proven Effective Therapeutic Formula but in a delicious Simple Ingredient healthy treat form.  We listened, and after a long development project Pet Medz Pet Chews were born!

Our Pet Chews are developed for Functional Solutions:

  • Mobility Hip and Joint Pain & Support Formula
  • Calming, Anxiety, and Situational Support

Available in different potencies and flavors to address the varying needs and size of our furry friends. 

You asked….We Delivered!

  • Simple Healthy Ingredients (see examples below)
  • Pure Biologix Proprietary Special Hemp Extract Formula’s – research based, veternarian deve
  • Delicious Flavors!!!

Calming Daily Stress Treats are available in both Cat size, and larger Pet sizes such as small and larger Dogs.

Pet Medz Full Spectrum Tinctures

Our Pet Medz Tinctures are formulated with our furry friends in mind, using oils like Wild Caught Fish Oil that are high in beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids. Paired with a graduated dropper makes dosing your Pet simple. 

Available in multiple potencies and flavors, the lower milligram bottles like 500mg, are generally easier to manage for smaller Dog breeds, and Cats. The larger the animal size and weight the larger the milligrams per bottle you would like. We make custom super high potency varieties for farm animals as well.

Here at Pure Biologix we pride ourselves on our rigorous standards, and the high quality of our products reflects it! 


Dosing is made simple with a range indicated per 10 pounds of your animals body weight. An easy reference printable Dosage Guide link is below:

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At Pure Biologix we strongly believe in the value of using Licensed and ISO accredited 3rd party Laboratories to certify our Products