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Topical CBD Products

High Potency Therapeutic Formulations

CBD Topical Products

White labelled for other brands for years, we are proud to bring the Pure Biologix brand directly to you now!

Have you ever bought a CBD product and felt like it just didn’t do much for you?
I sure have, and the reasons varied a good deal, but mostly it came down to three main issues; too low of product potency and/or dose to be effective, buying the wrong product for my need, and poor product quality with potencies and ingredients not as advertised. 

Here at Pure Biologix we pride ourselves on producing only high quality and high potency products, specifically formulated to do the job, without using complex (you know those long science names) and potentially harmful chemicals.

To make an effective topical CBD product, you cannot just toss some CBD in some almond butter and call it “all good”!

Instead it must be synergistically teamed with other beneficial ingredients shown to work on inflammation, pain, possess analgesic properties, even aid with bruising or other skin related issues, for instance.  

That is why we utilize pure essential oils such as Arnica Montana, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Lavender, and Clove as examples.

But we do not stop there, several of our Topical formulations include special ingredients such as Glucosamine associated with the support of healthy joints, Boswellia improving flexibility, mobility, and inflammation, as examples.

Our customers report using our specially formulated Topicals for a myriad of purposes such as muscle soreness, joint pain, sports injury recovery, skin maladies, and more

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This sounds really good, right?

Now what if we can take it a step further and tune those Balm, Lotion or Salve products to bring these impactful ingredients deep into and through the skin into those achy muscles, and joints you are targeting with its use – this would make it great!  

Specific to Pure Biologix formulation is emulsification and preparations giving our Topical Products transdermal properties, meaning the beneficial ingredients move through the skin and are put to work where you need them.

Our Speed Stick Balms are packaged in a 60ml twist bottom action container allowing for easy application in those hard to reach places, compact and perfect for a gym bag.  Available in formulations with deep Cooling Menthol, or without.

The Lotion is of a lighter consistency, soaking in more quickly than a salve and without leaving a slick feel as a typical thicker salve may do.  Great for sore or cracked hands it has become wildly popular for a variety of uses including as a massage creme.  It comes packaged in an attractive 50ml Zero Waste pump bottle, and is sanitary for multiple users to share.

Pure Biologix’s Calming Salve is one of our original flagship formulations, and it has proven its effectiveness over and over for wide variety of uses.  It comes packaged in an attractive screw top jar. 

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At Pure Biologix we strongly believe in the value of using Licensed and ISO accredited 3rd party Laboratories to certify our Products