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CBD Extraction & Finishing Services

Extraction of high-Quality concentrates & Formulation of End-use products

Pure Biologix CBD Extraction

At Pure Biologix we utilize a proprietary CO2 extraction process. We understand that the equipment needed to produce CBD concentrates can be quite costly.

Which is why we offer our customers a state-of-the-art facility to produce high-quality CBD concentrates. Pure Biologix is your premier resource for Hemp CBD oil extraction.  At Pure Biologix, we use an environmentally-friendly hemp oil extraction process that produces the highest-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil in the industry.

We aim to produce the finest quality of extracts available and focus on a safe, quality product produced using certified state-of-the-art equipment. To learn more about our hemp CBD oil extraction services or wholesale CBD oil, contact us today.

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After Hemp Biomass is Harvested

It is dried and processed ready to send to a CBD processing facility to extract the CBD rich hemp oil from the flower or biomass material

After initial extraction of our special CBD rich Harvest Concentrate, it can be further refined to produce different forms of cannabinoids, such as

  • Artisan CBDA Concentrate
  • CBD Distillates
  • Isolates of CBD, CBG, CBN

Which are then sold or formulated into finished Packaged Products such as 

  • Tinctures & Supplements
  • Pet Medz
  • Topicals
  • Vaporization Products

At Pure Biologix we are ready to refine your dried and processed biomass into the Concentrate and/or Packaged Products you desire, all beginning with our proprietary CO2 extraction process.   Our extraction and testing processes ensure that you will receive the highest yield and Pure quality oil from your biomass.