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Blue Dream Pure Terpenes

Pure Terpenes

Long Sold B2B, now made available in smaller quantities to the Consumer DIY!  Make your products taste and smell wonderful, whether they be vape pens, cannabis inspired spirits and beverages, topicals or edibles, we have delicious Organically extracted Pure Cannabis Terpenes for you. These are NOT steam distilled, rather our proprietary process developed by pharma scientists brings out the whole volatile matrix, capturing the whole essence of the flower! Easy Website Ordering 2 ml, 5, 10, 30, 60, 4oz/118ml, + larger quantities for the volume users are available, Please Inquire!

Wake Up Girl Personal Water Based Lubricant 1000mg CBD

Personal Lubricants

Wake Up Girl!   A Revolution in Personal Lubricants Specially formulated with Arousing Cannabis Terpenes and 1000mg CBD, this Personal Lubricant promises an exceptional sensual experience.  Developed primarily by a Diverse age Group of Women, their work has resulted in a Revolutionary Product that Boosts Arousal, sustains a much stronger "Vitality" in both Partners, and the O wow! produces Stronger Climaxes!  The very real and troubling physiological issues of Menopause often has a very negative impact on the Intimacy in a relationship.  Say goodbye to Rx Prescription Drugs & other ineffective solutions, and hello to Feeling Young Again in all the right places....see what users are saying,  Wake Up Girl!  is truly Revolutionary

Pure Biologix Sport Stick 1000mg CBD, Balm - Regular


One of our most Popular Pain Relief products, our Sports Stick features 60ml of Highly Effective Soothing Relief in a Twist-up easy to self-apply compact package

Pure Biologix CBD Capsules – 25 mg


Easy to Swallow Pill / Capsule eliminates any undesirable tastes from Tinctures and are loaded with Full Spectrum benefits including CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and many other minor Cannabinoids plus highly Therapeutic Terpenes!

Pure Biologix CBD Topical Salve 1000 mg Jar


Highly Therapeutic Salve loaded with Soothing Reparative Essential Oils such as Arnica and Lavender set in an All Natural base of Shea Butter & Beeswax

Pure Biologix CBD 2000mg Intensive Therapy Lotion


Lotions loaded with Therapeutic Natural Ingredients Arnica, Glucosamine, Devils Claw, Boswellia, and other healing Essential Oils

Pure Biologix 750mg CBD, Full Spectrum Tincture, Mint Flavor


Specially Formulated Full Spectrum Tinctures for People, and Pet Medz for our Fur Babies!  Often utilized for a natural solution to Sleep issues, Anxiety, and Internal Inflammation

Pet Medz 1000mg Tincture

Pet Medz

Pure Biologix Pet Medz products are specifically formulated for Pets, commonly Cats and Dogs, and are based on ground breaking research conducted by leading Institutions in Veterinary Medicine

Pure Biologix CBD Capsules – 25 mg


Easy to Swallow Supplements eliminate any undesirable tastes from Tinctures and are loaded with Full Spectrum benefits including CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC and many other minor Cannabinoids plus highly Therapeutic Terpenes!

Pure Biologix Gummy Squares


Krista Natural Delicious Gummy candies in a wide array of Wonderful Craft Flavors and blends such as its NEW Cocktail Blend, infused with variety of CBD, CBG, CBN, or Delta-8 THC / D8-THC.

CBD High Potency Vape 1g Cart, Gorilla Glue


Pure Biologix Vaporization Products including vape cartridges, vape juices, and related products.

Pure Biologix Sport Stick 1000mg CBD, Balm – Cooling Menthol - Activated


Our Award Winning Topicals products include our therapeutic Essential Oils Lotions, Sports Stick easy carry & apply Intensive Relief Balms, and deep rub Reparative Salves

Notice:  Any statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Information herein is provided for your reference only, including referenced research, what customers have said, and is understood to be anecdotally based, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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